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Over 150 Project Wallet developed

We had worked with several cryptocurrency project to develop wallet for their coin.


Best Pricing
to save you money

We not only develop,but support projects to reach it potentials with the lowest possible budget.


Over 35 Exchange service developed

Built exchange platforms that powers crypto to fiat trading with buying and selling .


Large developers

Blockchain Teh hub houses the best blockchain developers in Africa and beyond.


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Let our professional team guide your project.

Blockchain Solutions for Every Business

Blockchain Technology Solutions

We develop distributed ledger technology, including custom cryptocurrencies, Ethereum token, individual nodes, hash algorithms, and architectures for public and private blockchains.

Our consensus protocols include Proof of Work, Stake and Concept models, which eliminate double-spending errors and the need for outmoded third parties. If you are looking to develop your own coin, or make a fork of another project, then we are the right fet for you.


Blockchain Wallets Applications

We develop blockchain wallet App for storing, sending and receiving
an individual cryptocurrency or multiple cryptocurrency in one app.
App can be centralized or decentralized depending
on features you want your wallet App to have.
We have developed top multi-asset App like Satowallet
available on Andriod, IOS, and PC.

Trading Engine

Cryptocurrency Exchange

We program features for trading multiple cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens, auto-generating public and private keys, making online purchases, participating in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and examining the hypermedia and data history of any block. All our blockchain apps include robust security and encryption measures, including multi-signature confirmation.





Our basic pricing


Cryptocurrency Creation

Custom blockchain coin, or ethereum token.

From $1500

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Exchange Platform Creation

Custom crypto trading engine with great security.

From $12,000

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Cryptocurrency wallet App

Single coin wallet of Multi-wallet with custom design.

From $10,000

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Coin Block Explorer Creation

Custom blockchain explorer for your individual coin.

From $1000

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